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Fairfield Relies On New England Roof Care, Inc To Be Their Roofing Contractor


The New England Roof Care, Inc team is ready, willing, and eager to help homeowners in Fairfield looking for a roofing contractor. We've proven we're dedicated to quality work and exceptional customer service; all you have to do is read our reviews to see that. Our flawless reputation speaks for itself! What can we help you with today? We offer the following roofing services to clients in Fairfield and surrounding areas:

  • New Construction
  • Roof Replacements
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Maintenance

We encourage you to get proactive about ongoing preventative maintenance for your roof. It helps reduce the risk and frequency of repair needs while helping you achieve maximum longevity and optimal performance from your roofing system. Homeowners usually have the best of intentions regarding roof upkeep but often fall short. Stay current with maintenance and inspections, and you'll get many more years from your roof.

Addressing Roof Repairs To Protect Your Fairfield Dream Home

During your time as a homeowner in Fairfield, you'll have to take care of your fair share of maintenance issues by calling in an industry expert for that particular field. Roof repairs are one of those tasks you'll need prompt and professional help with. Although the type of repair can vary greatly and the severity may be enough to require replacement instead of repairs, some examples of common repair issues we handle for roofing are:

  • Leaks - Your roof is in place to help protect against moisture damage, which is why leaks are so problematic. We'll locate the source of the leak, assess the damage, and determine if repairs are enough.
  • Drainage - Ponding water is a disaster waiting to happen for any rooftop. We'll determine the cause of pooling water and resolve the drainage problem.
  • Broken Shingles - To avoid over-exposure to moisture and UV radiation, you need your shingles intact. We can fix or replace broken shingles to make your roof whole again.

Professional Gutter Installation For Your Residence In Fairfield

New England Roof Care, Inc is the top choice for many services in the area, including gutters. We'll install your gutters with expert precision, so you never have to worry about gaps or sagging. Take good care of your Fairfield home by calling us for the best roofing contractor work in the area. We look forward to earning you as a long-term client and satisfied customer.

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