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New England Roof Care, Inc is the top choice for a professional roofing contractor in the Stratford area. We offer full-service menu options to our customers, providing roofing, windows, siding, gutters, and exterior cleaning to local home and business owners. What can we take care of for you today? Owning residential or commercial property can be rewarding, but not without a great deal of work. Your home is always a work in progress, with repairs or improvements to be made for upkeep, upgrades, and updates. The good news is that you never have to worry about taking care of it on your own because you'll always have a company like ours around. Call now to schedule your appointment for service. We look forward to showing you in person why we're the number one choice in Stratford for roofing repairs, replacement, maintenance, and new construction.

Stratford Homeowners Appreciate Our Quality Roof Repairs

When you need professional service for your roof in Stratford, call us. We provide outstanding roof repairs for local property owners. Call now to address repair needs or concerns that could get worse.Some of the common roofing issues we see daily are things like missing shingles, storm damage, and more. Of course, among the most frequently reported repair issues are leaks. Water infiltration or leaks are commonly caused by:

  • Flashing Problems - If the flashing is damaged over time or wasn't correctly installed, this can cause serious leaks.
  • Clogged or Damaged Gutters - Your gutters carry rainwater from the roof to the downspout and away from your foundation - unless there's a problem!
  • Missing Shingles - Shingles prevent water intrusion, but if you have a broken or missing shingle, your roof is vulnerable.
  • Improper Installation - Poor roofing installation leads to plenty of possible problems, including leaks and water damage.

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Expert Gutter Installation For Homes In Stratford

At New England Roof Care, Inc, we take great pride in all our services, including our gutter installation. Just like your roof, it's important not to take chances with your gutters. Poor installation can do more harm than good. Gutters are responsible for helping to:

  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Safeguard your home's foundation
  • Protect your landscaping
  • Avoid basement flooding
  • Help keep your roof in tip-top shape

Give our team a call for the best service in Stratford from an expert roofing contractor. We're eager to prove to you why our name is synonymous with industry excellence.

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