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New England Roof Care, Inc: Milford's Skilled Roofing Contractor


When homeowners in Milford have a job that requires the expertise of a licensed roofing contractor, they come to us. Contact New England Roof Care, Inc for the most dedicated industry professionals in the area for roofing, gutters, exterior cleaning, and more. We know how vital a role your rooftop plays in protecting your home from inclement weather and the elements in general. Therefore, we take our job of providing superior roofing services to local homeowners very earnestly. Keeping your roofing system in the best possible condition is what we do, and we take this line of work seriously. The focus for your roof should be on quality materials and workmanship to achieve optimal longevity and performance. From the installation to the replacement, the work that goes into your roof has to be top-notch. Get in touch with us today in Milford to request your free estimate and schedule roofing service.

Quality Roof Repairs For Milford Homeowners Is What We're All About

As a Milford homeowner, at some point, you'll require the expertise of a roofing specialist to help with tasks like installation, maintenance, repairs, and, eventually, replacement. We're the reliable resource locals depend on for stellar service. Our work will ensure peak performance and maximum longevity from your rooftop. Repairs are an inevitable part of the process, no matter what the quality of your roof is or how well you maintain it. Most of the time, the repair issues you incur will be typical and everyday problems like leaks, poor ventilation, flashing problems, and more. You can also expect your share of shingle repairs, such as:

  • Broken Shingles - Quickly repair damaged shingles to avoid leak problems
  • Splitting Shingles - The leading cause of split shingles is temperature fluctuations
  • Granule Loss - If you're seeing granules on the ground around your home, it's time to call us
  • Lifted Shingles - Don't ignore lifted shingles, or you'll end up with moisture problems
  • Curling Shingles - Take care of any shingles that look curled immediately to avoid severe problems

Discerning Milford Homeowners Rely On Us For Outstanding Gutter Installation

You can count on the same reliable experts you trust for roofing to take care of your gutter installation. You need our expertise if you want years of quality performance from your gutters and your roof.

You can rely on New England Roof Care, Inc for the best all-around service in the area for gutters, roofing, and more. Call us now to schedule an appointment with the best gutter and roofing contractor around. We promise to exceed your expectations for guaranteed satisfaction.

Recent Projects

Roof Replacement in Milford

Roof Replacement in Milford

Removal and discard 2 layers of existing roofing shingles. Installed 2 rows of ice and water shield. Installed deck tape at all plywood seems. Installed synthetic paper, rake and drip edge, and new exhaust boots around vents. Installed new lifetime architectural shingles. Roof Replacement Location: Milford, CT Estimated budget: […]

Roof Replacement in Milford, CT

Roof Replacement in Milford, CT

With this here roof replacement we stripped old 3 tab shingles down to the plywood, then replaced all existing plywood with new 1/2 inch. taped all seams, installed ice and water shield along with synthetic paper, all new rake and drip edge followed with installment of […]

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