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Recent Tips and Articles by New England Roof Care, Inc

Do Not Ignore These Telltale Signs That You Need Roof Replacement

Although owning a home is rewarding, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. For example, when you hire a roofing contractor because you notice a red flag that seems to indicate you need roof repairs, only to be told you need your roof replaced! For one thing, do […]

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Top 3 Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom To Your Shelton Home

It may seem strange to seek advice from a top local roofing contractor about sunrooms, but New England Roof Care, Inc is a home improvement specialist, which means we do more than just rooftops. In fact, once you realize how beneficial sunrooms can be, we're the […]

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Why Your Home Needs These Exterior Cleaning Services Regularly

Any reputable roofing contractor can tell you that routine roof cleaning is essential to a good preventative maintenance plan. Of course, that is only if the method of cleaning used is soft washing to protect the integrity of your rooftop. Luckily, we're a roofing contractor that […]

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