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Do Not Ignore These Telltale Signs That You Need Roof Replacement

Roof replacement

Although owning a home is rewarding, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. For example, when you hire a roofing contractor because you notice a red flag that seems to indicate you need roof repairs, only to be told you need your roof replaced! For one thing, do your due diligence to ensure you're working with a reputable roofing contractor and receiving honest feedback. Avoid companies with reviews about how they always push for roof replacements. At New England Roof Care, Inc, you never have to worry about that because we're genuine and professional.

Is Your Roof In Need Of Replacement?

Make sure you know the age and material of your roof. You'd be surprised how often a homeowner looks confused by this question, especially if it's a preowned home. The type of roofing system you have will determine how long the expected lifespan is, such as 20 years for asphalt shingles and up to 70 years for metal. If your roof is nowhere near the longevity that it's supposed to get, the roofer you're working with better be able to explain why they think you need replacement. Some of the biggest reasons why a roof will need replacement, other than age, are:

  • Hail Damage - Your roof is meant to withstand the elements, including severe weather activity. However, hail damage can be so bad that the only feasible and financially viable option is to replace instead of repair it. Whenever you even suspect your roof has come in contact with hail, have a reputable professional inspect it for damage.
  • Sagging - A sagging roof or interior ceiling is a pretty good indicator that your roof is in poor condition. Since there's no easy fix to correct severe sagging, roof replacement is the only choice. Routine roof inspections will often help detect the earliest signs of sagging to avoid premature replacement.
  • Leaks - Leaks are tricky because leaks are often repairable. It depends on the severity of the leak and how long it's been active. However, even a small leak can cause big problems and quickly escalate, so you need replacement instead of repairs.

A Name To Trust

The good news is that you have New England Roof Care, Inc on your side. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, which means being upfront with homeowners. We'll always err on the side of roof repairs if it's possible and financially sensible unless otherwise requested by the property owner. Call today in Shelton to request service for repairs or roof replacements.

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